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When your teens reject your values Helping your teen fight sexual sin Family meetings What teens wish their parent knew Family communication Building a healthy family Fighting parental discouragement Helping your teen stay committed Disciplining teens More than 60 articles to send parents right now! You know preaching to them (or at them) won't work.Use these articles to impact you and their parents!!! But for some reason their hearts start getting impacted when they start sharing.You can give your teens devotional thoughts for them to grow from. hear footsteps and laughter coming down the hall..turn to pages of volume 2 and pick a wing-it devotional of the ten options. Or at least as smooth as it can with a youth group. Through a small opening in one eye you make out the dark blue cover of volume 1. : Nine weeks of material divided into daily sections. When you are better prepared to teach, minister, and grow spiritually you will reach more teens.

A Time to Heal Peace, Perfect Peace The Horse A Joyful Noise We All Need Someone to Lean on Me, Me, Me Am I The Only one?

Soaking Waiting for Daddy Pigeonholed More then 60 spiritual thoughts to send your young ladies!

Loaded with Scripture, discussion questions, and practical application; 6 plus provides material your teens will love and learn from.

Use this session to show teens the differences between congregational and personal worship.

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